About Us 

AINO is a community of over 1.8 Million fashion enthusiasts, whose mission is simple; Self-defined expression.

Based in Dallas, Texas.

Empowering Expression

For thousands of years, the clothes we wear have served the purpose of illustrating culture, class, and creativity. Fashion at its core is about expression; communicating to others how you think, how you feel, and how you decide to move through this life.

We believe strongly in this philosophy and want to provide you with the resources to make the most of what fashion is to you. That is why our wonderful team works so hard to ensure that you get the best.

At AINO, we are tasked with the ultimate honor of providing those who wish to express themselves with a selection of over 500 items and thousands of combinations. From casual to formal, or a mix, however, you define your style. You know what you want and we know how to help.

“We aren’t just selling high quality, fashionable, and unique clothes. Our mission is to provide those who have ventured to be the best, with the tools to express themselves and show the world who they really are.”

- Axel K. Salonen
Founder of AINO